• In 2009, Corning Children’s Center moved into a new, state-of-the-art, LEED Silver-certified learning center, built and maintained by Corning Enterprises. Our facility was custom built with the needs of children in mind. The rooms are spacious and feature an abundance of natural light. All classrooms have child-sized toilets and sinks in the classroom. Our fully fenced playground provides a variety of experiences for children, from climbing equipment or wide open spaces to wooded areas for imaginative play. Our convenient location also allows us to provide the children with opportunities to experience their community through walking field trips. The campus features a number of unique elements designed to facilitate an interactive, positive, and exploratory environment for the children in our care.
  • These include:
  • Separate Wings: The Center was designed to house three separate wings, each designed to serve children from Infant up through Pre-K. The A and B wings were established for our Continuity of Care option, while C wing is set up for our Traditional model. In this way, children get to experience their time at the Center in a comforting, nurturing and familiar environment, allowing them to explore their rapidly expanding world on their own terms.
  • Children’s Library: Early literacy is important in early education and the library provides children with an opportunity to learn to love reading while exploring many different subjects. We have board books for the very young children and chapter books for the 3 and 4-year-olds. The Library also serves as a performance space for special performances.
  • Children’s Activity Kitchen: Our building features a kitchen built just for children. With counters and a sink at their level, it is not unusual to find a classroom enthusiastically measuring and stirring as they participate in making muffins or applesauce. As children measure, mix, and taste they are enjoying the world of sensory experience and learning so much in the process!
  • Outdoor Playspace: The ever-developing outdoor playspace is a classroom unto itself! New elements are continuously added to further enhance the playspace. Current items include a custom crafted set of wooden arches for the pathway, musical elements including a volunteer-designed akarimba, and a grove of trees. This area is a place of beauty and delight for staff and children to discover.