Committed Caregivers

Our Committed Caregivers include staff members who have dedicated five years or more to the important work we do at the Center. In a time when the majority of American workers stay in a job for three years or less and in a field noted for its high turnover rate, the Corning Children’s Center is especially proud of its dedicated staff. As of June 30, 2021, 58 percent of the program’s regular staff members had worked for the Children’s Center for five years or more – representing 618 years of cumulative service to our community’s children!

Current members include:

5 to 10 Years:

Lisa Bush
JoLynn Cramer
Danielle Dilly
Krista Martin
Ann Oddo
Mary Payne
Lauren Reilly
Jesslynne Simmons










10+ Years:

Donna Crawford Ames
Lisa Barrett
Dawnelle Coats
Julie Dann
Lilibeth Dayag
Beth Downing
Amy DuVall
Laura Fish
Heidi Graves
Robin Lee
Ayumi Pereira
Barbara Pickering
Nataliya Pivovarova
Terri Radke
Deborah Riff
Barb Thomas
Shanna VanPatten
Renee Warner
Tasha Willis
Billiejean Wright