About the Center – Board of Directors

As a not-for-profit organization, the Corning Children’s Center is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Members are elected to represent both our sponsor, Corning Incorporated, and the community at large. They are diverse in occupation, ethnicity, gender, age, and experience. Our board is responsible for ensuring the quality of early childhood care and education that is provided for your children, as well as oversight of the financial and operational management of the Center. The full board meets 10 times per year to review operational data, set policy, and plan for the future. The executive committee, which meets monthly, and other standing and ad hoc committees of the board provide additional oversight and support to the organization.

Current Board of Directors, with Employers

Stephanie Carl, Corning Credit Union

Jackie Carpenter, Realty USA

Kathleen Dispenza, Guthrie

Michael Donlon, Law Office of Jacob P. Welch

Michele Fink, Corning Incorporated

Deborah Joseph, Retired Educator

Kevin Julien, Corning Incorporated

Tom McConnell, Corning Incorporated

Dana Moss, Corning Incorporated

Raj Pakyala, Corning Incorporated

Emily Simon, Corning Incorporated

Jeff Toohig, Corning Incorporated

Beth Tranter, Retired

Jaclyn Welles, Corning Incorporated

Andrea Worley, Guthrie Medical